Ballistic Steel Doors

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There are currently two European reference standards for ballistics, which cover the testing and classification of resistance to attack by bullets:

EN 1063: for tests on glass in the construction (security glazing).
EN 1522-1523: for tests on windows, doors, shutters and blinds.

These standards include:

  • the elements of construction subjected to tests;
  • a different classification illustrated by the letters ‘BR’ for classes of glazing and ‘FB’ for classes of windows, doors, shutters and blinds;
  • tests which are only carried out for the core of the element for standard EN 1063, additional tests that also test the joints and structures for standard EN 1522-1523.

Advanced Ballistic Door Technology

Premier Security & Fire Consultants are the number one choice of ballistic door companies in the industry. Our extensive range of ballistic rated doors will provide you with the perfect solution for your next installation. Our ballistic steel doors are tested thoroughly to ensure that they cannot be shattered, cracked or penetrated by bullets or blast damage. To put it simply, when you invest in ballistic doors and windows from Premier, you are effectively building an impenetrable fortress which is safe from the actions of criminals.

Who Can Benefit from Ballistic Glass?

Ballistic rated doors and windows offer a robust solution to prevent determined criminals from entering your property with the use of guns or other weaponry. Ballistic glass provides the highest possible level of security, which makes it ideal for buildings with superior security requirements. These might include banks, embassies, police stations, vaults or any business or residence who wants to maximise the safeguarding of its property and personnel.

Nobody likes to imagine extreme circumstances where bullets or blasts may be used to try and force entry inside a building. But unfortunately, these scenarios do occur, particularly in high-profile buildings, which is why it’s essential that you include ballistic rated doors as part of your security strategy.

Selecting Your Ballistic Steel Doors

If you’re worried that ballistic steel doors may look heavy and unappealing, then think again! Modern ballistic doors and windows blend in seamlessly with the visual charm of your building, and complement the overall look rather than detracting from it.

Your ballistic door can be customised in terms of colour, material, design and sizing to fit the unique requirements of your building and your next installation project.

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Secured By Design Ballistic Glass

When you select Premier Security & Fire Consultants as your choice of ballistic door company UK experts, you can be assured that you’re opting for the supply and installation of top-rated ballistic glass. All of our ballistic glass products have undergone extensive testing to obtain the ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation. SBD was developed by the police as a set of standards to ‘design out crime’. When you opt for ballistic doors and windows which have achieved SBD status, you can be assured that the access points of your building will be entirely impassable even when bullets, bombs or other blast forces are used.

Secured By Design is always an initiative that you should factor into your security decision-making strategies as it offers the highest level of security standards available in the industry.

Are you ready to upgrade your existing security door, or else invest in a brand-new ballistic door to safeguard the access points to your property? Premier Security & Fire Consultants are the ideal ballistic door company with you to work with and will be on hand throughout every step of the supply and installation process. We can assist in product selection, provide you with a quote and of course install your ballistic door to your unique specifications. Want to know more? Get in touch with Premier today!

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