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Premier Security Score FB7 Ballistic Test Success with Steel-Walling System

Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd is delighted to announce that ballistic testing of our thermally broken, modular, portable, steel-walling system has passed the most stringent, military-level examinations.

The high-security system, which can be transported, erected and disassembled in any terrain, provides end-users with a portable wall, ceiling and door design that can resist 7.62x51mm AP (armour-piercing) bullets and can be produced to variable sizes.

Premier’s designs were tested using guidance from EN1522 and EN1523 standard by ballistic test laboratory D J Goode of Suffolk. The wall system successfully prevented perforation of FB4; FB6 and FB7 classification ammunition alongside achieving LPS1175 E10 security rating. Following on from the FB7 examination using the 7.62x51mm AP round, further test shots were carried out whereby the wall system successfully prevented perforation by the more onerous Swiss-P 194g AP ammunition.

The Premier ballistic-resistant, modular design is further enhanced by its ability to achieve impressive ‘green credentials’ with its use of certificated, thermally-broken profiles creating U-Values, insulation, air & water tightness results targeted to help support the challenge of global warming. The impressive U-Values help create controlled temperature conditions resisting both excessive heat and cold.

Premier’s modular system can be used for:

  • Military operations room
  • Communications room
  • Guardroom
  • Secure offices
  • Armoury
  • Holding room
  • Safe room
  • Medical room
  • Dangerous good storage

There are currently two European reference standards for ballistics, which cover the testing and classification of resistance to attack by bullets:

EN 1063: for tests on glass in the construction (security glazing).
EN 1522-1523: for tests on windows, doors, shutters and blinds.

These standards include:

  • the elements of construction subjected to tests;
  • a different classification illustrated by the letters ‘BR’ for classes of glazing and ‘FB’ for classes of windows, doors, shutters and blinds;
  • tests which are only carried out for the core of the element for standard EN 1063, additional tests that also test the joints and structures for standard EN 1522-1523.

Advanced Ballistic Door Technology

Premier Security & Fire Consultants are the number one choice of ballistic door companies in the industry. Our extensive range of ballistic rated doors will provide you with the perfect solution for your next installation. Our ballistic steel doors are tested thoroughly to ensure that they cannot be shattered, cracked or penetrated by bullets or blast damage. To put it simply, when you invest in ballistic doors and windows from Premier, you are effectively building an impenetrable fortress which is safe from the actions of criminals.

Who Can Benefit from Ballistic Glass?

Ballistic rated doors and windows offer a robust solution to prevent determined criminals from entering your property with the use of guns or other weaponry. Ballistic glass provides the highest possible level of security, which makes it ideal for buildings with superior security requirements. These might include banks, embassies, police stations, vaults or any business or residence who wants to maximise the safeguarding of its property and personnel.

Nobody likes to imagine extreme circumstances where bullets or blasts may be used to try and force entry inside a building. But unfortunately, these scenarios do occur, particularly in high-profile buildings, which is why it’s essential that you include ballistic rated doors as part of your security strategy.


When it comes to securing a building against potential threats, the installation of blast doors and windows is crucial. However, beyond their primary function of enhancing safety and security, it’s important to consider their impact on energy efficiency. Let’s look at the energy efficiency considerations associated with the installation of blast-resistant doors and windows.

Energy Efficiency Considerations:

  1. Insulation Properties: Glazed blast doors and windows are engineered to withstand high-pressure forces. This structural integrity often translates into excellent insulation properties, which can contribute to better energy efficiency within a building. By minimising heat transfer through the doors and windows, they help in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment while reducing the load on heating and cooling systems.
  2. Sealing and Weatherproofing: Proper sealing and weatherproofing are vital aspects of blast-resistant doors and windows. These features not only enhance their ability to withstand blasts but also contribute to energy efficiency by preventing air leakage. A well-sealed opening ensures that conditioned air stays indoors, reducing the energy needed to maintain desired temperatures.
  3. Optimised Design: Modern glazed blast doors and windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They often incorporate features such as low-emissivity coatings, multiple glazing layers, and thermal breaks. These design elements help in minimising heat transfer through the openings, thereby improving energy efficiency without compromising on safety.
  4. Impact on HVAC Systems: Efficient doors and windows can have a significant impact on the overall energy consumption of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. By reducing the heat gain or loss through openings, the HVAC systems can operate more efficiently, leading to potential energy savings over time.
  5. Integration with Building Systems: When installing blast-resistant doors and windows, it’s essential to consider their integration with other building systems. Proper coordination with HVAC, lighting, and insulation systems ensures optimal energy performance. Additionally, incorporating automated controls and sensors can further enhance energy efficiency by optimising environmental conditions based on occupancy and usage patterns.

So, while the primary purpose of glazed blast doors and windows is to enhance safety and security, they also offer significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency. By choosing high-quality, well-designed products and ensuring proper installation and integration with building systems, property owners can enjoy improved energy performance and lower operational costs in addition to enhanced protection against potential threats.

By addressing these energy efficiency considerations, businesses can make informed decisions when investing in blast-resistant doors and windows, ensuring that they not only meet security requirements but also contribute to sustainable and cost-effective building operations.

Ballistic safe-room solutions offer unparalleled protection for homes and offices against potential threats. Let’s explore how these solutions can work effectively in both environments.

Ballistic Safe-Room Solutions for Home and Office:

  1. Enhanced Security: Ballistic safe-room solutions provide a fortified space within a home or office, offering protection against ballistic threats such as gunfire or explosions. These rooms are constructed using robust materials and reinforced structures to withstand high-impact forces.

  2. Versatile Design: Whether for residential or commercial use, ballistic safe rooms can be customised to suit specific needs and preferences. They can be integrated seamlessly into existing buildings or incorporated into new construction projects, offering flexibility in design and layout.

  3. Multi-functional Space: Beyond security, ballistic safe rooms can serve multiple purposes. In a home setting, they can double as a panic room or a secure storage area for valuables. In an office environment, they can function as a crisis management centre or a secure meeting room for sensitive discussions.

  4. Peace of Mind: By investing in ballistic safe-room solutions, homeowners and business owners gain peace of mind knowing that they have a designated safe haven in the event of a security threat. These rooms provide a sense of security and protection for occupants, reducing anxiety and improving overall safety.

Ballistic safe-room solutions offer a comprehensive approach to security for homes and offices. With their enhanced protection, versatile design, and multi-functional capabilities, these rooms provide an effective means of safeguarding occupants and assets against potential threats. Whether for residential or commercial use, investing in ballistic safe rooms provides invaluable peace of mind in an unpredictable world.

Premier’s blast doors are designed with versatility in mind, allowing for seamless integration into existing buildings as well as new construction projects. Retrofitting blast doors into an existing building involves a careful assessment of the building’s structure and layout to determine the most suitable installation approach.

One common method of integrating blast doors into existing buildings is through strategic placement within the building’s interior. This may involve identifying key entry points or high-risk areas where blast protection is needed most, such as entranceways or critical infrastructure rooms. Premier’s blast doors can be customised to fit various sizes and configurations, ensuring a precise fit within the existing architectural framework.

Additionally, Premier’s installation experts work closely with building owners and facility managers to minimise disruptions during the retrofitting process. This may involve scheduling installations during off-peak hours or coordinating with other building maintenance activities to ensure a smooth transition.

By integrating blast doors into existing buildings, property owners can enhance security and safety without the need for extensive structural modifications. Premier’s versatile solutions offer peace of mind knowing that existing buildings can be upgraded to withstand potential threats effectively.

Selecting Your Ballistic Steel Doors

If you’re worried that ballistic steel doors may look heavy and unappealing, then think again! Modern ballistic doors and windows blend in seamlessly with the visual charm of your building, and complement the overall look rather than detracting from it.

Your ballistic door can be customised in terms of colour, material, design and sizing to fit the unique requirements of your building and your next installation project.

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Secured By Design Ballistic Glass

When you select Premier Security & Fire Consultants as your choice of ballistic door company UK experts, you can be assured that you’re opting for the supply and installation of top-rated ballistic glass. All of our ballistic glass products have undergone extensive testing to obtain the ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation. SBD was developed by the police as a set of standards to ‘design out crime’. When you opt for ballistic doors and windows which have achieved SBD status, you can be assured that the access points of your building will be entirely impassable even when bullets, bombs or other blast forces are used.

Secured By Design is always an initiative that you should factor into your security decision-making strategies as it offers the highest level of security standards available in the industry.

Are you ready to upgrade your existing security door, or else invest in a brand-new ballistic door to safeguard the access points to your property? Premier Security & Fire Consultants are the ideal ballistic door company with you to work with and will be on hand throughout every step of the supply and installation process. We can assist in product selection, provide you with a quote and of course install your ballistic door to your unique specifications. Want to know more? Get in touch with Premier today!