Premier ballistic tests to 50 calibre Armoured Piercing (AP) standard

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Premier’s three-year period of ballistic testing took another major step forward this week with the preliminary tests of two new security systems. In conjunction with the UK’s leading ballistic testing house, DJ Goode Associates, Premier put their modular wall system and a separate door design in the firing line (literally) of 50 calibre Armoured Piercing (AP) bullets.

It is the highest level of attack Premier’s products have faced, and we are delighted to report that the systems came through with flying colours. To achieve NATO-level ballistic resistance is testimony to the Premier’s engineering and design expertise and gives us huge confidence as we prepare for the final round of tests which are scheduled for June 15th.

For more details of our ballistic and blast tested products, speak to Premier’s MD and Technical advisor Neil Johns on 0208 559 8295.
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