Well, that’s a wrap. Premier Security & Fire Ltd this week completed their third day of fire-testing with the British Research Establishment (BRE) and we are delighted to report that our LPS1175 SR3 residential front door has successful passed to EI60 and EI90 standard.

The tenants’ street door, designed and fabricated by Premier’s team based in Ilford, Essex, resisted controlled fire-testing to 900 degrees Celsius reaching all our expectations.

Today’s results match those in our earlier BRE tests which saw Premier achieve fire-test passes for our EI60 and EW90 glass and steels door sets and E60 2400 X 1200 steel louvre sets.

Preliminary results also indicate that Premier’s steel louvre doors with two 600mm X 600mm louvres have passed to E90 standard having withstood the 1000 degrees Celsius fire test for an amazing 1hour 43 minutes.

*The door on the left achieve EI90. Right door EI60

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