Premier help to enhance security and fire safety at AO Manchester Arena

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Premier Security & Fire’s most recent project brought memories of the 2017 terrorist bombing of the Manchester Area very much to the fore especially with it coinciding with the 6th anniversary of the tragic event.

Premier was instructed to design, manufacture and install these fire-rated, double security doors at the AO Manchester Arena where, tragically, 22 people were killed and more than 200 people injured by suicide bomber Salman Abedi.

Our work was carried out at the entrance doors of the AO Arena’s VIP area, part of an ongoing safety enhancement programme being rolled out in Manchester and other stadiums and arenas across the UK.

Fire-rated security doors installed at the AO Manchester Arena by Premier Security & Fire Ltd

As a direct result of the tragedy, the UK Government is preparing to bring in Martyn’s Law, legislation that will require public venues to bring in security measures against the threat of terrorism. Martyn’s Law is a major strand of the Government’s Protect Duty initiative and draft legislation will be published in the early spring.

In its preparation for Martyn’s Law and Protect duty, Premier Security & Fire Ltd is working closely with security advisers and organisations to monitor details and requirements of the legislation which has yet to be fully unveiled.

What Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd does know is that Martyn’s Law will follow a tiered model linked to the type of activity taking place and the size of the expected audience and will seek to improve how prepared a venue is without putting an undue burden on business.

A standard tier will apply to locations with a maximum capacity of more than 100 people. Venues will need to undertake low-cost effective measures such as training, information sharing, and completion of a preparedness plan.

An enhanced tier will focus on high-capacity locations. Those that can hold 800 or more will be required to undertake an additional risk assessment that will inform the development and implementation of a thorough security plan.

The Government will also establish an inspection and enforcement regime, issuing sanctions for breaches, and will provide statutory guidance and bespoke support.

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