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SBD projects cut crime by up to 87 per-cent

April 3, 2019

Building projects that have embraced Secured by Design standards have seen an extraordinary reduction in crime of up to 87 per-cent.

Secured by Design is a police initiative that improves the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings.There are 200 officers and staff attached to Police Forces around the UK helping to ‘design out crime’ by working with architects, developers and local authority planners at the planning stage.

At a recent national training event, attended by staff from Premier Security & Fireincluding MD Neil Johns, Police chief Stuart Ward (pictured above) showcased the success of SBD in Scotland highlighting to delegates the remarkable 87% reduction in crime in SBD properties in East Central Scotland over the last 18 years.

A study there, taken from more than 150 Kingdom Housing Association developments across Fife, showed a marked drop in crimes on the SBD developments compared to non-SBD developments over the 18 year period between 1997 and 2015. The study showed that 3,000 homes built to the SBD standard have had 87% fewer crimes recorded.

“The recorded crime results came back and they were quite conclusive,” Stuart told the delegates, “Overall 87% fewer crimes were committed against Secured by Design properties. That’s no small figure.

“Secured by Design makes a massive difference to reducing the opportunities for crime and the amount of crimes that have actually occurred.”

Crimes included in the study were housebreaking, attempted housebreaking, (the Scottish equivalent of burglary and attempted burglary), sneak in thefts (access through an insecure door to steal) and opening of lockfast places (locked vehicles, sheds or outbuildings / garages).

Premier Security & Fire Consultant’s is the UK’s leading supplier of Secured by Design accredited steel doors. Premier designs, fabricates and installs security doors in residential developments, commercial properties, retail unites, transport hubs, healthcare and education establishments and many other applications.

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