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Today we highlight 13 appalling cases of death and injury caused by malfunctioning automated or manual safety gates. In almost every horrific story, tragedy could have been avoided had the gates been properly installed and maintained by experts.

Current legislation imposes heavy demands and penalties on installation companies. Indeed, in the last year alone custodial sentences have been handed down to installers whose work was deemed to have caused death and injury.

Premier Security Consultants Ltd of London fully endorses strict regulation and is fully committed to gate safety. Company MD Neil Johns has long campaigned for safety in the industry and demands that all Premier staff undergo rigorous training and are all certificated by industry watchdog, DHF (Door & Hardware Federation).

Premier offer a service to force test your gates to ensure the closing and opening forces are correct which is a requirement of the British/European Standards and HSE guidance.

If you feel you need advice about your automated gates, contact Jazz Johns at Premier HQ on 0208 599 8295 to book and inspection call or you can speak to Premier MD Neil Johns who will guide you through the safety aspects you should be aware of.
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Little boy’s finger sliced on Stevens Park gate in Welling

7th November 2017

A little boy had to have part of his finger amputated and sewn back together after a park gate acted like a ‘guillotine’, his mother has said. More…

Gate installer jailed and company fined £12k in landmark ruling

30th October 2017

The installer responsible for the automatic iron gate which fell on grandmother Jill Lunn, at her home in Norwich in 2013, has been given a 42-month prison sentence. More…

Boy, 10, killed in ‘awful accident’ when iron church gate falls on him

5th October 2017

A 10-year-old Everett-area boy was killed Thursday when a heavy wrought iron gate at a church fell on him and he suffered a major head injury, the Mukilteo Fire Department said. More…

Airdrie garage boss killed by swinging gate in storm

29th September 2017

A GARAGE boss may not have been killed by a swinging gate during a storm if a colleague had been with him to help on the fateful morning, a sheriff has ruled More…

Jill Lunn death: Norwich man convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence

14th September 2017

Jill Lunn, aged 56, died at her home in Field Lane, Blofield, on the evening of Wednesday 17 April 2013, when she became trapped under an electronically powered gate that had come off its rails and fallen on top of her. More…

4 year old Manchester boy killed by falling gate in Italy

24th August 2017

A four-year-old boy has been crushed to death after a 450lb iron gate fell on him. Angelo Quirino, from Manchester, was visiting family members south of Rome. An investigation has been launched to determine how the gate fell on the boy More…

Toddler’s skull crushed by falling gate

26th June 2017

2 year old Sophie brown was almost killed and left with bleeding on the brain after a fallen gate pinned her to the ground. More…

Worker crushed to death by large gate named as Lincoln man

31st March 2017

An inquest has been opened into the death of a man who died after being crushed by a gate. More…

£500,000 fine for company following death of driver by heavy gate

9th October 2016

The latest court case involving the death of a delivery driver after he was crushed by an 300kg iron gate has seen the company responsible for the device fined a record £500,000, one of the highest fines handed out to date for a gate related accident. More…

Man killed by falling industrial gate at Navan Retail Park, Co. Meath, Ireland

27th July 2016

The body of a man has been discovered under a gate at a retail park in Navan in a suspected workplace accident. More…

5 year old Dublin girl killed by falling gate

1st July 2016

A ‘bubbly’ five-year-old girl was killed in a tragic accident when a gate fell on her as she played. More…

Manual Gate in a park nearly blinds child

7th June 2016

Five weeks after a five-year old child sustained a head injury after cutting their head on a single entrance gate at a gate in a school, a three-year old boy has been hospitalised and nearly blinded after a gate in a park swung back and hit him in the head. More…

Girl dies in arms of father after villa gate falls on her

17th January 2016

A four-year-old Emirati girl died in the arms of her father after the iron front gate at her home fell on her as she waved goodbye to her aunt More…

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