Curtain Walling / Modular Walling

Curtain-Wall and Modular-Wall Security Systems

Premier Security & Fire’s Ultimate High-Security curtain-walling and modular wall systems are tested to LPS1175 E10 (SR5); D10 (SR4); C5 (SR3) and B3 (SR2) security and certified to 6 metres high with unlimited screen width.

Premier’s glazed curtain-wall system now achieves ballistic FB7 standard and was recently successfully tested to resist 14.5mm AP (Armoured Piercing) penetration. It has a U-Value of 0.5. and also achieves a blast-resistance EXV 10 (Louvres); EXV 15 (Screens) and EXV 25 (Fully Glazed Doors).

Premier’s modular system can be used for:

  • Military operations room

  • Communications room

  • Guardroom

  • Secure offices

  • Armoury

  • Holding room

  • Safe room

  • Medical room

  • Dangerous good storage

Premier’s range includes a ballistic, blast, security and fire modular wall security system, including corners to create a modular wall system. 

Premier Security & Fire recently exhibited our Ballistic, Blast, Security & Fire modular-wall systems, doors and windows at the DSEI_event, at ExCeL London. DSEI is the world’s largest security and defence show, featuring Aerospace, Land, Naval, Security & Joint Zones.

Premier Security & Fire’s programme of ballistic testing has been hugely successful and we would like say a huge thanks to all of our product partners who have helped us achieve such outstanding results.

One company in particular, Hammerglass AB of Sweden, deserves special praise for their unswerving support as Premier ventured into unchartered waters with ground-breaking designs, systems and standards of ballistic security.

Premier has been official suppliers of Hammerglass products for many years and that collaboration was extended to our testing programme with the UK’s leading ballistic company, DJ Goode of Suffolk. Our design team and engineers incorporated Hammerglass into many of our designs, all of which passed test scrutiny, and now allows Premier to bring FB2, FB4, FB6 and FB7 security systems to market.

We tested 40 separate infills throughout the ballistic tests with not a single, recorded failure. So, yes, the testing programme has been a good one for Premier and our friends at Hammerglass. There’s more testing on the horizon as we progress towards 50-Cal ammunition. Exciting times indeed.