High-Value Retail Security

Elevate Your Retail Security with Our High-Performance Doors, Windows and Air Lock Systems

When it comes to safeguarding high-value retail businesses, our high-security doors and windows provide the ideal solution. At Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd, we pride ourselves on crafting top-of-the-line security systems, meticulously constructed from premium steel and equipped with cutting-edge security glazing. We offer a comprehensive range of security options, including LPS1175 SR2, LPS1175 SR4, ballistic, blast, and fire-resistant solutions, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable assets.

Discover the difference that Premier Security & Fire’s Swing Doors can make in keeping your store safe and secure. By choosing our state-of-the-art security solutions, you’re not just protecting your assets; you’re also safeguarding lives and livelihoods.

Airlock Security

One of the standout features our clients often prioritise is the inclusion of an airlock specification. Adding an airlock to high-end retail establishments, like jewellery stores or couture fashion boutiques, offers an exceptionally secure and safe entry point for both the store’s personnel and its customers. The primary advantage lies in the peace of mind it instills, delivering the utmost protection against professional thieves and opportunistic criminals.

Key Benefits of the Airlock System:

 An airlock essentially creates a dual-entry system for your store, enabling the isolation of any potential threats should the need ever arise. Premier Security’s airlock configuration consists of two doors, ensuring that only one door can be operated and opened at any given moment. The initial door, linked directly to the street or sidewalk, leads to a sturdy security door.

Upon entering this steel security door, customers find themselves in a glass-encased “lobby,” where the door securely closes and locks behind them. In this enclosed area, individuals can be promptly and safely identified by a staff member. Once positive identification is confirmed, the second security door can then be unlocked, allowing the individual to access the main store area for shopping or collecting their desired items.

Safe Room Doors

While jewellery stores and luxury boutiques may have security entrance doors in place, there’s always a lingering risk of criminals finding a way to breach these barriers. This unfortunate scenario can occur when a would-be thief cleverly poses as a customer to gain access. In such dire circumstances, the safety of both staff and customers hangs in the balance. This is precisely where our Safe Room Doors take centre stage.

The prospect of violent criminals entering a store is, at best, deeply unsettling, and at worst, it can lead to serious harm or even loss of life. By incorporating a panic room fortified with our Secure Entry Solutions, your staff and patrons can swiftly seek refuge and ensure their safety.