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Benefits of Secured By Design rated gates

Secured by Design rated rates provide a robust, impenetrable perimeter for your site or building. When you invest in securing gates and fencing that have undergone rigorous industry testing, you can be assured that you’re investing in a top-value security solution which will safeguard your property, assets and occupants from a range of threats.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates all tested to LPS 1175 SR2, LPS 1175 SR3, LPS 1175 SR4, LPS 2081 SRB and PAS24 2015 standard

Premier Security & Fire Consultants’ range of Secured by Design Rated gates are designed to be suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle access. They are manufactured specifically with security in mind and are approved to LPS 1175 SR2, LPS 1175 SR3, LPS 1175 SR4, LPS 2081 SRB and PAS24 2015 standard. All Premier products are tested for resistance to deliberate attack and play an important role in protecting people and property against physical attack, burglary, vandalism and terrorism.


What is the LPS test standard for SR2 rated gates?

LPS is the testing procedures for LCPB by the BRE (Building Research Establishment) to attain Secured By Design approval. A listing of intruder-resistant building components, strong points, security enclosures and also free-standing barriers, fencing and gates. LPS covers the broadest scope of physical security products and services of any publicly available standard in the world. The standard comprises a number of security ratings with test requirements of ascending intensity. Measured in terms of attack tools and also time available to the attacker. This enables specifiers to select products according to the risks that they and their property face.

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LPS 1175 SR2 Security Certification

The LPS 1175 certification was originally introduced in the 1990s by the Loss Prevention Certification Board as a way to test and assess the standards of security products. This is useful both for customers as well as insurers. SR or Security Rating status is given from level SR1 through to SR5, and a range of Secured by Design Rated Gates will be tested rigorously to ensure that they meet the required standards. In order to achieve SR2 certification at LPS 1175, our Secured by Design Rated Gates have been able to prevent a person from penetrating the barrier, either over the structure or through the materials used. During the tests, the person is represented by an elliptical test block with measurements of 400mm x 225 mm x 300mm.


LPS 2081 Security Certification

Our Secured by Design Rated Gates have achieved the LPS 2081 status, which was created specifically to test the perimeter’s resistance to intrusion when attempted by criminals using stealth. The certification standard includes two levels of security which are linked to both the tools used during the attack as well as the duration of time it would take intruders to break in when working in an environment where they would be cautious about making noise. It’s this noise factor which is an important consideration when choosing one of our Secured By Design Rated Gates for use in a built-up area where criminals would be conscious of their activities being monitored.

The Premier Range of Security Gates


Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd understands that aesthetic appeal will be an important factor in your purchasing decision which is why we’re pleased to offer a wide variety of styles and shades of our Secured by Design Rated gates. Our range of products comes in Premier’s standard colours below but we offer a full range of BS and RAL colours to satisfy all special requirements. Speak to our team about specific colours and hues.

Black RAL 9005, Green RAL 6005, Blue RAL 5015, Grey RAL 7016, White-Hipca RAL 9910

Please remember, colours viewed on computer monitors can differ vastly from the shades and depth of colour you may have in mind. To get a more accurate assessment of the true colours available, we can arrange a viewing of our swatch and colour charts at our office HQ or on a site visit by arrangement.


The assembly of all Premier Security Gates is carried within our premises prior to transportation to site ensuring a high level of quality control as well as reducing the ‘on site’ installation process. Units are not stored in exposed ‘open air’ locations between different manufacture processes. Installation of our units are undertaken by our own experienced installation team to ensure a consistent quality product. Premier offer a 5 year warranty on our paint finishes subject to normal conditions. Areas of abuse or vandalism would not be covered by our warranty subject to maintenance agreement being in place.

Ready To Invest in Secured By Design Rated Gates?

Premier Security Consultants are delighted to announce that our entire range of gates have undergone extensive testing to achieve the Secured By Design Rated Gates status. As a purchaser, this will provide you with confidence in your security investment with the knowledge that intruders won’t be able to access your property when we install one of our robust gate products.

When you’re ready to get started, call our security experts so we can start supporting you with your gate installation project. We’ll be there from the design stage, right through to installation and maintenance if required. If you need your gate in a hurry, we provide rapid lead times, so you can enjoy top-notch security asap!

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Licensed member of the Door Hardware Federation

An automated gate is a machine and it poses potential risks to children and adults alike.

Regrettably, in recent years, there have been numerous fatalities, serious injuries and close calls attributed to hazardous gates.

Compounding this issue is the pervasive lack of awareness and understanding regarding automated gate safety. This is exacerbated by the presence of inadequately trained, poorly equipped, and unlicensed installers, particularly within the residential market. As a result, there remains an alarming number of potentially dangerous gates still in operation, many of which are installed on residential properties.

It’s important to note that if someone were to sustain an injury due to a hazardous gate, the owner could be held legally responsible. Jail sentences are not unheard of.

Legislation demands that Automated gates are PPM and pressure tested bi-annually.

Premier is a licensed member of the Door Hardware Federation and our qualified technicians offer: