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Premier’s Thermally Broken LPS1175 SR2 and LPS2081 SRB steel doors achieve market-leading U-Values

Premier Security & Fire Consultants is the UK’s only supplier of Secured by Design Thermally Broken steel doors. In 2018, Premier tested their designs with the BRE (Building Research Establishment) and successfully added LPS1175 SR2 and LPS 2081 SRB thermally broken steel doors to our portfolio of communal entrance steel doors.

Premier’s Vrame Therm system sets new standards in thermal insulation and security. The triple glazing door system can offer the best heat transfer coefficient Ud = 1.1 W/m2K. Thanks to the high-tech insulating bars made from GFK (fibre glass-reinforced plastic), the Vrame Therm door system meets all CE requirements and achieves excellent static values, in numerous tests (air/water/wind/sound/impact/mechanical).

What does thermally broken mean?

This all relates to the frame – a vitally important component in any door system.

The frame can greatly affect the actual energy efficiency of any door – including that of double and triple glazed systems.

Standard steel is a good conductor of heat and cold meaning that you can lose or gain a great deal of heat through the frame of the door. This can ultimately undermine the performance of double or triple glazing.

A thermal break needs to be added to the frame. Thermal break technology features a reinforced polyamide bar between the inside and outside steel profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the door frame. This will conduct heat, cold and noise a hundred times slower than standard steel.

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Secured By Design Thermally Broken Steel Doors

Our thermally broken doors meet the stringent Secured By Design standards which ensure that you’re receiving a door solution which benefits from a combination of both:

– Sophisticated thermally broken technology for your insulation needs
– Top-of-the range security providing an impenetrable boundary to your building

The Secured By Design initiative was created in order to stop criminals from conducting break-ins. To prevent these intrusions from occurring, door security technology has evolved to ‘design out crime’ by using state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing. The benefits of investing in Secured By Design thermally broken steel doors are:

– Fantastic craftsmanship
– 100% peace of mind that your building, assets and occupants are safe from harm
– Excellent energy efficiency throughout the year

Only the highest calibre of thermally broken doors are able to be categorised as being Secured by Design. Extensive testing ensures that our thermally broken doors meet the challenging quality standards in terms of robustness and durability which allows them to achieve this classification. To put our secured by design thermally broken steel doors in a real-life scenario, the following tests are carried out:

– Crowbar attacks of the door’s locking technology to resemble the techniques that criminals would use to break in.
– Strong 3-minute attacks on the cylinder using implements including knives and small tools to attempt to gain access through the actual door.
– The use of heavyweight pressure with a steel impactor which strikes impact points including locks and hinges.

Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd are proud that all of our thermally broken doors have undergone this incredibly rigorous testing to gain their status as Secured by Design thermally broken steel doors.

When you’re ready to start enjoying the highest level of security for your building, whilst ensuring optimum energy efficiency even in the strong heat of summer and the cold winter weather, it’s time to call Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd.

We’ll begin by booking you in for an installation design appointment so you can browse through the range of thermally broken doors with our experts, whilst discussing your requirements and the most viable options for securing your building. If you have any queries about thermally broken technology, our security professionals will be able to provide easy-to-follow information about this fantastic insulation solution and give examples of how it will improve

your energy efficiency rating.
We’re pleased to be able to offer rapid lead times on our thermally broken doors, so you won’t need to wait long before you start taking advantage of this fantastic combination of security and energy efficiency. Our security experts possess an unrivalled work ethic and won’t consider your project to be complete until you’re as happy as we are with the finished results.

Contact our team today to get the ball rolling and book a design appointment with us. We can discuss your precise requirements and come up with a cost-effective and transparent quote for your brand-new Secured by Design thermally broken steel doors. Get in touch with Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd.

Steel is the perfect material for creating high-level security doors systems. Unfortunately, it is also an incredibly aggressive conductor of fluctuating temperatures which provides little insulation against the heat of the summer sun or the cold winter weather.

That is why Premier Security & Fire Consultants are now able to offer Secured by Design LPS1175 SR2 and LPS 2081 SRB steel doors that are thermally broken. Thermally broken is where an additional material is integrated within the profile that conducts virtually no heat between the inside and outside frame – thus ensuring that even on the coldest winter days, the heat stays inside and the cold remains out.

In addition to temperature insulation, the thermal barrier also helps ‘dampen’ vibrations between the frames and therefore improving sound insulation.

Many communal entrance steel door systems may have insulated and toughened glass, but what about the rest of the performance? Insulated glass is effective indeed, but depending on the climate, partial insulation may not be enough. The solution? Premier’s thermally broken LPS1175 SR2 and LPS 2081 steel doors. Premier offers a fully insulated door system that can be completely thermally broken with insulated frames in addition to the glass.

Premier Security & Fire Consultants’ Secured by Design Thermally Broken doors are available as an entrance door, fire exit door, access control door and high security door. Units can be integrated with a suite of shopfront or curtain walling sections and are ideal as a stand-alone door or as part of a glazed screen. Typically, thermally broken doors are used for:

Shop Doors, Office Doors, Hotel Doors, School Doors, Hospital Doors

To find out more about our incredibly low U-values and thermal efficiency, contact the Premier Security Consultants team today.