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Premier Security has delivered an amazing catalogue of bespoke door designs that currently sit within some of the UK's most beautiful and iconic buildings.

Blast Windows

Our in-house design team coupled with our hugely experienced manufacturing sector gives us flexibility that few of our competitors can match.


Curtain-wall and modular wall systems to FB7 ballistic standard combined with LPS SR5 (E10) security and EXV 10 Blast resistance.

Ballistic, Blast, Security & Fire solutions

Number 1 for Security

Premier Security & Fire produces dual certified LPS1056 / LPS1175 SR2 fire-rated and security door sets combining both SR2 security and fire-protection classification.

We can supply fully glazed SR2 doors with EI 60 and E90 fire rating; a solid steel SR2 option achieving EI 60 fire protection and two steel louvre doors. Our single louvre SR2 door has E60 fire certification while Premier’s second option, with two 600mm X 6000m louvres, achieved E90.

Dual-certified products

Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of certificated security systems successfully tested to combine ballistic, blast, security and fire accreditation.

Premier’s glazed curtain-wall and modular system achieves ballistic FB7 standard with a U-value of 0.5 and blast EXV10 while our dual-certified ballistic and security doors, screens and windows offer LPS1175 B3; C5, D10 and E10 security qualifications.

Blast Doors

Machine Gun Resistant Glass (FB6)

Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd has successfully carried out FB6 ballistic glass testing on their security doors and windows and now offers customers dual-certified products achieving LPS1175 B3 (SR2); C5 (SR3) and D10 (SR4) security combined with FB6 ballistic resistance. FB6 includes ballistic testing of rounds used in general purpose machine guns used by the British Army.

Premier’s two-year testing programme with testing house DJ Goode & Associates continues with blast-resistant certification expected in the Spring of 2022.

BRE Test Premier’s Thermally Broken Steel Doors

Premier Security & Fire Consultants is the UK’s only supplier of Secured by Design Thermally Broken steel doors. In 2018, Premier tested their designs with the BRE (Building Research Establishment) and successfully added LPS1175 SR2 and LPS 2081 SRB thermally broken steel doors to our portfolio of communal entrance steel doors.

Our video shows some of the testing stresses that the BRE put our doors through before certification is passed.

Secure by design doors

Premier Products with the No1 Seal of Security

Over 200 security door sets tested and approved by SBD

Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is a group of national police projects focusing on the design and security for new homes and commercial premises. SBD Licences are awarded to companies producing security products that pass standards and tests nominated by the police service.

Check our membership to the secured By Design standard >

Check our membership to the Secured by Standard Design

Latest News from Premier Security & Fire

Glazed Blast Doors
Blast Doors

Ballistic, blast, security and fire protection in one system

In today’s ever-evolving world, security has become a paramount concern for governments, businesses and individuals alike. Premier Security Ballistic & Blast Ltd, based in East London, stands at the forefront of the industry, offering an impressive array of security solutions that encompass everything from ballistic and blast resistance to security and fire protection.  With over 30 years of experience under the stewardship of Managing Director Neil Johns has earned its reputation as the UK’s leading supplier of Secured by Design security systems, including many that encompass access-controlled systems.  A Comprehensive Approach to Security What sets Premier apart from the competition is its unique ability to offer four critical security elements within a single system: Ballistic, Blast, Security, and Fire protection. This holistic approach to security ensures that clients receive a comprehensive solution that addresses their specific needs, whether it’s safeguarding government embassies, local government projects, schools, hospitals, transportation hubs, or

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Blast doors
Blast Doors

Safeguarding Lives and Assets with Blast-Resistant Doors

The Significance of Blast-Resistant Doors The importance of blast-resistant doors cannot be overstated. These doors are designed to withstand high-impact blasts, protecting occupants from explosions, natural disasters and other emergency situations. Imagine a door so strong that it can potentially save lives, not only in acts of terrorism but also during earthquakes and hurricanes. The perfect blend of door functionality, material quality, and precision in installation processes makes this feat a reality. Premier Security Ballistic & Blast boasts an impressive range of blast-tested security products in our portfolio, solidifying our position as the top provider of blast-resistant products in the UK. These products include curtain-walling (EXV 10), Glass/screens (EXV 25), Doors (EXV 25), and Louvres (EXV 15-25). Their Ultimate High-Security curtain-walling system has recently cleared EXV 10 Blast examinations with flying colours, thanks to rigorous testing conducted by Patrick Mann Associates. This system already meets LPS1175 E10 (SR5) to B3

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Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd rebrands as Premier Security Ballistic & Blast Ltd to reflect growth into higher-level security product

[08/03/24] – Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd, a leading provider of security solutions, has announced a rebranding to reflect its expansion into higher-level security products. The company will now be known as Premier Security Ballistic & Blast Ltd. Since its inception, Premier Security has been a trusted name in the security industry, offering a wide range of security services to clients across various sectors. The decision to rebrand comes as the company continues to expand its product portfolio to meet the evolving security needs of its customers. As Premier Security Ballistic & Blast Ltd, the company will focus on providing advanced security solutions, including ballistic and blast-resistant products, to help protect clients from potential threats. This rebranding reflects the company’s commitment to delivering the highest level of security services and products to its clients. “We are excited to announce our rebranding as Premier Security Ballistic & Blast Ltd,” said

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