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If you’re looking for a way to fortify your property, then installing Hammerglass is a must. Hammerglass has a number of benefits over using traditional glass. Not only is it around 300 times stronger, but it’s around half as heavy. This lightweight material has the ability to strengthen your domestic or commercial premises and remove the vulnerability of your existing windows.

Our Hammerglass UK range has been accredited with the Secured By Design certification. This is a police-backed initiative which was developed to ‘design out crime’. Our Hammerglass products have also achieved BS EN 356, Security Class P8B – this is the highest safety rating possible for anti-burglary products such as grilles or shutters. How does our Hammerglass achieve this superior standard of protection? Well, the testing methods are incredibly rigorous and are designed by provide customers with maximum peace of mind that they’ve invested in the most advanced security technology in the market.

Standard types of glass must typically withstand 70 blows with an axe before being awarded the BS EN 356 accreditation. However, as premier Hammerglass suppliers, we are delighted to confirm that with our particular Hammerglass, 72 blows were used during testing at the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. At this point, testing officials were forced to give up and use a forklift truck to remove the axe which was lodged in the Hammerglass.

Now that you understand how strong Hammerglass is, which parts of your building design is it most suited to?

If you work in the retail sector, then you’ll benefit from using Hammerglass UK products within your shop windows, or any other display cabinets which are used to showcase your merchandise. Hammerglass doesn’t just offer incredible security properties, it’s also aesthetically-pleasing too so will be an asset to any business.

Types of Hammerglass

We offer the following types of Hammerglass depending on the specific requirements of your business:

  • Hammerglass Single – appropriate when upgrading the glass in an existing building with this superior re-glazing product. Sash windows often use Hammerglass Single, replacing either the outer or inner pane. The thickness of single Hammerglass is 6mm, which will offer noise reduction of up to 30dBRw.
  • Hammerglass Insulate – in this configuration, Hammerglass is used in combination with any other type of glass as either double or triple glazing. The Insulate product comes with a 5-year warranty from our Hammerglass suppliers.
  • Hammerglass Add-on -instead of advertising that there is something worth stealing within your property, this version of Hammerglass is an entirely discreet alternative which can sit over an existing sash or frame.
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The Benefits of Installing Hammerglass

Property owners of both domestic and commercial buildings can enjoy multiple benefits of installing Hammerglass. These include:

Superior security – safeguard your property, it’s assets and your personnel with this advanced security technology

Effective barrier against smash and grab burglaries

Secured By Design accreditation

Shatter-proof glass – you won’t have to worry about the cost of replacing broken glass

Versatile product to be used in all types of building, whether period or new-build.

What is Hammerglass?

Hammerglass is developed using nano technology which coats a polycarbonate sheet to produce a material that is almost unbreakable even when using incredible brute force. The surface area of Hammerglass is treated with silicon oxide so that it can withstand chemical attacks, but is easy to clean whilst being scratch-resistant too. If graffiti is a problem in your area, then Hammerglass is the perfect solution as detergents will easily remove paint, tags or other debris which has soiled the surface of your exterior. You can also benefit from 99.96% UV protection ensuring that your Hammerglass doesn’t discolour or cloud even when exposed to the strongest of sunlight. In terms of fire protection, you’ll also consider this to be an excellent feature of your health and safety strategies as Hammerglass doesn’t accelerate the spread of flames.

Your Hammerglass cost will depend on the size of installation you require, as well as your choice of product from our Hammerglass UK range. As leading Hammerglass suppliers in the industry, we would be happy to provide technical guidance on your next security project, including accurate Hammerglass cost details. Please get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your requirements further and to receive a quote.

As Hammerglass is virtually unbreakable, it will buy you considerable time in the event of an attempted intrusion. Most burglars or intruders will give up quickly or be caught in the act. As products within our Hammerglass UK range have reached the Security Class P8B classification, it is not possible to find a more secure choice of material for your doors and windows.

Are you ready to find out more about Hammerglass? Secure your domestic or commercial premises with the ultimate glass technology system. Get in touch with Premier Security Consultants today to learn more.