Ballistic / Blast / Security / Fire

Ballistic, blast, security and fire protection in one system


Premier’s ability to offer four critical security elements within a single system: Ballistic, Blast, Security, and Fire protection, places it in a unique position with the UK security market.  This approach to security ensures that clients receive a comprehensive solution that addresses their specific needs, whether it’s safeguarding government embassies, local government projects, schools, hospitals, transportation hubs, or high-value retail establishments.

Ballistic Excellence

One of Premier’s standout achievements is the development of a thermally broken, modular, portable, steel-walling system that has passed rigorous military-level ballistic testing. This high-security system can be transported, erected, and disassembled in any terrain, providing a versatile solution. It can withstand 7.62x51mm AP (armour-piercing) bullets and can be produced in various sizes. Premier’s designs were tested using guidance from EN1522 and EN1523 standards by ballistic test laboratory D J Goode of Suffolk, and they successfully prevented perforation by FB4, FB6, and FB7 classification ammunition. The system also achieved an impressive LPS1175 E10 security rating.

Versatile Applications

Premier’s modular system can be used for a wide range of applications, including military operations rooms, communications rooms, guardrooms, secure offices, armories, holding rooms, safe rooms, medical rooms, and dangerous goods storage. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for various security needs across different sectors.

Excellence Recognised at DSEI 23


In September 2023, Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd showcased their products at DSEI 23, the world’s leading defence and security event at ExCel London. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with diverse organisations expressing keen interest in Premier’s ballistic, blast, security, and fire systems. Even a United States Army General was impressed with the engineering prowess displayed by Premier.

Managing Director Neil Johns shared his experience, saying, “We were encouraged to exhibit at DSEI 23, but, in truth, we were unsure whether our products and manufacturing capabilities would be of interest to military-level defence companies and buyers. I am glad to say that doubt was quickly allayed on the first morning of the show.

We were overwhelmed by the interest we received from so many diverse organisations. When you hear phrases like: “Wow, that is impressive engineering” it lifts the spirits. Especially when those words were spoken by a United States Army General who took time out to inspect our stand.”


Global Reach and Future Plans

The success at DSEI 23 inspired Premier to attend the Intersec Saudi Arabia Conference in Riyadh, focusing on fire and emergency services, security, and safety industries. This further showcased Premier’s multi-platform protection systems and sparked additional interest. With more visits planned for 2024, Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd is poised for international growth.

Innovation in Steel Doors and Fire Ratings

Premier takes pride in being the first company in the UK to supply the construction industry with thermally broken LPS1175 SR2 and LPS2081 SRB steel doors. These products have undergone thorough testing with the British Research Establishment (BRE), a renowned testing house. Premier’s range has expanded to include LPS1175 SR3 (C5) doors, screens, and curtain-walling systems, as well as LPS1175 SR4 (D10) & SR5 (E10) versions. Additionally, their products offer BRE-certified fire ratings, ranging from glass and solid EI 60 and E90 inward and outward opening automated doors to E90 louvred steel doors.

Addressing Climate Change

Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd recognises the importance of sustainability in today’s world. Their designs meet the high demands placed on the industry, as witnessed at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow. Premier’s construction materials offer superior insulation and airtightness, helping combat global warming. With excellent thermal performance that lowers energy bills and minimises air leakage, Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd supports the challenge of reducing carbon footprints.

Forensic DNA-Based Security

In a groundbreaking move, Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd has partnered with leading forensic security company DNA-Detect to create a market-first, integrated high-security door system equipped with Forensic DNA traceable marking fluid. This innovation has been incorporated into their LPS1175 SR2 (B3), SR3 (C5), SR4 (D10), and upcoming SR5 (E10) security door designs, all of which have been tested and passed by the BRE, the UK’s No.1 testing house. In the event of an attack, the DNA-based security system automatically dispenses a covert spray concealed within the door frame. This allows authorities to forensically mark perpetrators, linking them to a crime scene and providing irrefutable evidence for prosecution.

For those seeking cutting-edge security solutions that encompass ballistic and blast resistance, fire protection, and more, Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Contact them at 0208 559 8295 or visit their website at for more information on how they can address your unique security needs.