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Innovative Security Solutions from Stackdoor

With more than 30 years in the manufacturing of innovative security products, Stackdoor stands out from the crowd. Their security system design features shutter installations which can work with any style or shape or building, including curved or corner building profiles. Stackdoor is visually stunning, with its lightweight, yet durable construction, the shutter system is both slim and transparent. With a range of colour options, including stainless steel, it can also be customised to suit the space you need to secure. Whether you need it shaped as round, angular or straight, the Stackdoor maximises style without compromising on security.

Stackdoor Security Shutters UK Range

  • Stackdoor offers a wide range of security shutters including the following models:
  • Stackdoor Standard – regular stacking technology with 80% free airflow.
  • Stackdoor Corner – corner detail without the need for intermediate guard rails.
  • Stackdoor Curved – the design is ideal for curved facades, entrance portals or unusual building profiles.
  • Stackdoor Secure – 80% free open area shutter which has achieved LPS 1175 Issue 8, Security Rating A1 status.
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Independent Security Certification

The ‘Secure’ model from the Stackdoor security shutters range has achieved Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS 1175 Issue 8; this is the first 80% open area security shutter to have been

awarded this status. It is also a Secured by Design product, a police-backed initiative which rewards only the highest quality of security manufacturing with the SBD status. To achieve both certifications, the Stackdoor security shutters have been through rigorous testing in simulated attack scenarios. This entails an attacker using a range of potential tools and weapons on the shutters in an attempt to penetrate through them. By withstanding the attack, the shutters have been awarded with the LPS 1175 and SBD stamps of approval.

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