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Premier Security has delivered an amazing catalogue of bespoke door designs that currently sit within some of the UK's most beautiful and iconic buildings.

Blast Windows

Our in-house design team coupled with our hugely experienced manufacturing sector gives us flexibility that few of our competitors can match.


Curtain-wall and modular wall systems to FB7 ballistic standard combined with LPS SR5 (E10) security and EXV 10 Blast resistance.

Ballistic, Blast, Security & Fire solutions

Number 1 for Security

Premier Security & Fire produces dual certified LPS1056 / LPS1175 SR2 fire-rated and security door sets combining both SR2 security and fire-protection classification.

We can supply fully glazed SR2 doors with EI 60 and E90 fire rating; a solid steel SR2 option achieving EI 60 fire protection and two steel louvre doors. Our single louvre SR2 door has E60 fire certification while Premier’s second option, with two 600mm X 6000m louvres, achieved E90.

Dual-certified products

Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of certificated security systems successfully tested to combine ballistic, blast, security and fire accreditation.

Premier’s glazed curtain-wall and modular system achieves ballistic FB7 standard with a U-value of 0.5 and blast EXV10 while our dual-certified ballistic and security doors, screens and windows offer LPS1175 B3; C5, D10 and E10 security qualifications.

Machine Gun Resistant Glass (FB6)

Premier Security & Fire Consultants Ltd has successfully carried out FB6 ballistic glass testing on their security doors and windows and now offers customers dual-certified products achieving LPS1175 B3 (SR2); C5 (SR3) and D10 (SR4) security combined with FB6 ballistic resistance. FB6 includes ballistic testing of rounds used in general purpose machine guns used by the British Army.

Premier’s two-year testing programme with testing house DJ Goode & Associates continues with blast-resistant certification expected in the Spring of 2022.

BRE Test Premier’s Thermally Broken Steel Doors

Premier Security & Fire Consultants is the UK’s only supplier of Secured by Design Thermally Broken steel doors. In 2018, Premier tested their designs with the BRE (Building Research Establishment) and successfully added LPS1175 SR2 and LPS 2081 SRB thermally broken steel doors to our portfolio of communal entrance steel doors.

Our video shows some of the testing stresses that the BRE put our doors through before certification is passed.

Premier Products with the No1 Seal of Security

Over 200 security door sets tested and approved by SBD

Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is a group of national police projects focusing on the design and security for new homes and commercial premises. SBD Licences are awarded to companies producing security products that pass standards and tests nominated by the police service.

Check our membership to the secured By Design standard >

Check our membership to the Secured by Standard Design

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Blast Doors
Blast Doors

Revolutionising Security Solutions with Blast Doors & More

Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd is revolutionising security solutions in both the UK and international markets with its cutting-edge portfolio of blast-resistant curtain-walling systems, doors, and windows. Unmatched in quality and innovation, the company offers a range of Blast and Ballistic-tested products that surpass industry standards. What sets Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd apart is its commitment to certified security testing, placing it in a league of its own. The latest offerings from Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd include: Blast-resistant Curtain-walling EXV 10 with FB6 Ballistic resistance and LPS1175 SR5 security rating. Blast-resistant Doors/Windows: EXV 10 with FB2 Ballistic resistance and SR3 security rating. EXV 12 with FB6 Ballistic resistance and SR4 security rating. EXV 12 with SR4 security rating and FB2 Ballistic resistance. EXV 15 with SR2 security rating. WHAT ARE BLAST-RESISTANT DOORS? It’s a question Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd is often asked. In

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