Premier supply Curtain-walling with ballistic, blast and security certification

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UK security markets thrilled by Premier’s 3-levels of defence in curtain-walling


Premier’s Ultimate High-Security curtain-walling combines three levels of protection – Security, Ballistic and Blast – in a single, tested system.

Our installations have successfully passed LPS1175 E10 (SR5); D10 (SR4); C5 (SR3) and B3 (SR2) security scrutiny and are certified to 6-metres high with unlimited screen width.

Factor in EXV 10 Blast resistance alongside Ballistic FB7 standard and it’s clear to understand why the UK security market appears to be as excited as we are with our portfolio of products.

Speak to us today to learn more about Premier’s security systems which also include thermally broken, fire-rated, ballistic and blast protection.
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