They fought Hammerglass, but Hammerglass won

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They fought Hammerglass, but Hammerglass won



The shop located by the highway has been targeted by thieves once again. This latest attempt involved them trying to force entry into the building by reversing a vehicle against the glass front door using a pallet as a makeshift ram.

“The fact that our store is in a spot that’s easy to target for quick escapes is known to us. We’ve experienced a number of break-ins since we moved here in 2010,” the store’s CEO commented.

The shop had previously upgraded its security by fitting Hammerglass Add-On to the exterior after an earlier break-in where the then-class 2 protective glass door had been compromised. This upgrade has proven effective as no burglars have been able to breach the store this way since.

“The product is excellent, a fact that became evident after this burglary attempt. Despite four individuals using a car to ram the door and window, and even employing a crowbar, their efforts were futile. They managed to damage the small wooden plate at the bottom of the door and mar the frame and glass, yet they couldn’t make their way inside,” the CEO explains.

When asked about the emotional response to watching the attempted break-in video, the CEO expresses a mix of emotions: “It’s infuriating and exasperating to see people act in such a manner, but observing their failed attempt and knowing that we’ve made the right investment in protecting our property is somewhat gratifying. You can practically sense their shock from their body language. Burglars operate on limited time, so any delay can cause panic and deterrence. Our security alarms also play a crucial role; they immediately alert the authorities, enabling the police to respond swiftly.”

Regarding future security enhancements, the CEO reveals, “We’ll be installing a Hammerglass insulated door with a security window. It instills a sense of confidence and assurance.”

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