Premier joins calls for UK Government to outlaw unlicenced killer crossbows

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In recent years, crossbows have been implicated in murders and robberies and have been discovered in the possession of criminal gangs, “county lines” drug dealers, and terror offenders in the UK. Despite their potential for harm, they can be purchased for as little as £150 and are readily available both online and in high-street shops. However, contrary to popular belief, they are not subject to the same licensing and control regulations as guns and rifles.

Currently, there is no requirement for individuals to obtain a license or register their ownership of crossbows, as they are not classified as firearms under UK law. This glaring loophole means that individuals with severe mental health issues or prior convictions, including for domestic violence, can freely purchase powerful crossbows without undergoing any background checks.

While the government is contemplating implementing stricter regulations for crossbow ownership to prevent their misuse in violent incidents, the reality remains that there are no such barriers in place currently. Despite being illegal for those under 18 to purchase or possess them, the penalties for offenses related to crossbows pale in comparison to those for illegal firearms.

For instance, while possession of an illegal firearm carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years’ imprisonment for individuals aged 21 and over, possessing a crossbow is legal and misuse misdemeanors typically result in nominal fines. This stark contrast in penalties makes crossbows an attractive choice for criminals seeking a weapon with minimal legal consequences.

Premier Security & Fire Consultants specialises in testing products designed to defend against various security threats, including ballistic, blast, and fire hazards. Our doors and windows are inherently equipped to withstand crossbow attacks, although we urge the UK Government to enact stricter legislation sooner rather than later.

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