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Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd is revolutionising security solutions in both the UK and international markets with its cutting-edge portfolio of blast-resistant curtain-walling systems, doors, and windows. Unmatched in quality and innovation, the company offers a range of Blast and Ballistic-tested products that surpass industry standards. What sets Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd apart is its commitment to certified security testing, placing it in a league of its own.

The latest offerings from Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd include:

  • Blast-resistant Curtain-walling EXV 10 with FB6 Ballistic resistance and LPS1175 SR5 security rating.
  • Blast-resistant Doors/Windows:
    • EXV 10 with FB2 Ballistic resistance and SR3 security rating.
    • EXV 12 with FB6 Ballistic resistance and SR4 security rating.
    • EXV 12 with SR4 security rating and FB2 Ballistic resistance.
    • EXV 15 with SR2 security rating.


It’s a question Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd is often asked. In relatively simple terms, blast-resistant doors are a form of passive protection designed to safeguard individuals and valuable assets from the destructive forces unleashed by explosions. They are commonly utilised in secure storage facilities, concrete bunkers, weapons storage rooms, and military depots to ensure the safety of the premises. These specialised doors offer defence against the potential impacts of explosive shock waves and the fragmentation resulting from explosive materials. Moreover, blast-resistant doors serve to safeguard strategically significant structures, mitigating the risk of casualties or injuries in the event of bomb attacks.

Key Features of Blast-Resistant Doors:

  • Effective defence against air shock waves generated by explosions.
  • Structurally designed to endure significant frontal impacts.
  • Retain functionality and structural integrity even after encountering heavy loads.
  • Possess fire-resistant properties and capable of maintaining airtightness and resisting pressure differentials.
  • In addition to traditional Blast Doors, Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd also provides innovative Glazed Blast doors, offering both security and aesthetic appeal.

Classification of Blast-Resistant Doors: The classification of blast-resistant doors is determined based on their performance under testing, considering factors such as:

  • Potential for unauthorised access, including full or partial breach of the protected area.
  • Reliable operation of locks and other securing mechanisms.

Blast-resistant doors are categorised according to their ability to withstand varying degrees of destruction:

  • Grade 1: Capable of surviving within a completely devastated structure.
  • Grade 2: Able to remain operational during the collapse of pipeline overpasses, brick walls with a thickness equivalent to 1.5 bricks, and the movement of cylindrical tanks.
  • Grade 3: Withstand the destruction of metal support structures and industrial floors.
  • Grade 4: Resistant to the collapse of partitions, roofs, and steel frames.
  • Grade 5: Positioned at the boundary of the zone affected by building damage.

While it’s not feasible to entirely prevent explosions, there exist techniques to reduce the damage inflicted on buildings and their occupants. These methods involve integrating blast resistance into architectural design, installing blast-resistant doors and windows, and maintaining a safe distance between potential threats and the building, referred to as standoff distance.

Our blast-resistant curtain-walling, windows and doors are engineered to flex or yield when exposed to a bomb blast. However, unlike bullet-resistant counterparts, their performance can be influenced by the building’s structure and installation methods. Post-blast, permanent deformation of these components can affect their functionality and pose risks such as detachment, including hardware and glass, which may become hazardous debris. Evaluating and mitigating blast damage to doors and windows is crucial for ensuring the safety of occupants and emergency responders.

All of Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd steel blast door assemblies are specifically designed to withstand military-grade explosives, providing robust protection during high-security events. Constructed from heavy-duty materials, these doors can endure extreme pressure and shockwaves. Rigorously tested and certified, they meet industry standards for blast resistance. Properly installed, these blast-resistant doors offer a secure barrier against potential threats like terrorist attacks or catastrophic failures resulting in explosions, providing peace of mind in the face of challenging security situations. Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd offers a comprehensive range of blast-resistant doors and frames designed for use in projects.

We offer a wide range of security solutions, including Blast Doors and Blast Glass doors designed to meet various security needs.

Our engineering department possesses the expertise to conduct precise blast door and frame analyses for various charge weights, standoff distances, protection levels, and configurations. This enables them to tailor doors and frames to clients’ specific requirements, ensuring reliable protection against deliberate explosive threats.

Blast Windows: Engineering Protection and Peace of Mind

Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd often ponder the simplicity it would bring to our design and construction processes if buildings didn’t require windows. However, the reality is that windows are essential elements of architecture, providing light, ventilation, and aesthetic appeal. Thus, we are tasked with creating windows that not only fulfil these functions but also offer robust protection against blast effects.
A blast window, akin to a door or wall, must withstand both the ‘Positive Phase,’ where it experiences a pushing force, and the subsequent ‘Negative Phase,’ characterised by a suction action. While the negative phase may seem less severe, it still necessitates careful engineering in our window designs. In recent incidents, the force of the negative blast phase has been powerful enough to pull glass out of window frames, leaving significant debris in its wake.

Blast pressures are measured in various units such as kPa (Kilopascals) and PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), with implications for the peak pressure and impulse duration against the window. Understanding these metrics is crucial for effective design and manufacturing of blast-resistant window systems.

The source of the blast, whether a gas explosion or a high explosive detonation, affects the pressure and duration of the blast. Despite gas explosions generally having lower pressure, their longer duration can cause substantial damage.

Determining the blast pressure typically involves consultation with a blast consultant, who considers factors like local intelligence or threat levels. Alternatively, information on charge size and distance from the building can inform the design process.

Moreover, there is the added threat of fragmentation, whether deliberate or incidental, which necessitates additional protective measures. By integrating ballistic protection into our window systems, we can mitigate this risk effectively. This level of protection can even extend to safeguarding against hardened fragmentation, offering comprehensive security solutions.

At Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd, we offer a range of blast-resistant window solutions, including over panels and side lights, to meet various security needs. Our commitment to innovation and safety ensures that our windows provide not only protection but also peace of mind for our clients.

For more information on our glass and blast protection solutions, visit our website at Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd.

Maximising Security: Premier’s Blast Doors for Ultimate Protection

In the realm of security, there’s no room for compromise. Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd understands this fundamental truth, which is why we’re proud to introduce our cutting-edge Blast Doors. These doors aren’t just sturdy barriers; they’re the frontline defence against the devastating impact of blasts, whether accidental or intentional.

Unmatched Protection Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd Blast Resistant Doors are engineered to withstand the most formidable pressures unleashed by explosions. By sealing off rooms and areas effectively, they mitigate the destructive effects on people, property, and assets. Our doors meet stringent international blast standards including ISO 16933, ACSE, GSA, UFC 3-340-02, DMG-02, and CPNI, ensuring they’re fit for deployment in high-risk facilities.

Precision Engineering Crafted in-house from steel, Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd blast-resistant doors boast exceptional tensile strength and ductility. Our experienced engineers utilise the latest blast software to design doors tailored to specific project requirements. These doors not only provide blast resistance but also feature a thermal break for enhanced energy efficiency, aligning with modern building design standards.

Adaptability and Versatility What sets Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd’s Blast Doors apart is their adaptability to diverse performance requirements. In addition to EXV10 blast resistance, our curtain-walling, doors and windows can incorporate ballistic resistance up to FB6 EN 1063 and EN 1522 standards, and acoustic performance up to STC 50. This versatility ensures they’re suitable for a wide range of environments, from petrochemical sites to high-profile government buildings.

Applications Across Industries Blast doors aren’t just a security measure; they’re a necessity for industries at risk of forced or natural blast attacks. From petrochemical sites to aerospace facilities, transport hubs to military bases, Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd Blast Doors provide unparalleled protection. Their availability in various configurations, including single-leaf hinged, double-leaf hinged, fully glazed, partly glazed, or non-glazed, makes them adaptable to any setting.

Technical Specifications Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd Blast Doors come with a host of technical specifications to meet diverse needs:

  • Available in single-leaf hinged and double-leaf hinged configurations
  • Fully, partly, or non-glazed options
  • Various RAL and BS polyester powder coating ranges
  • Fire resistance up to EI 90 and ballistic resistance up to FB2/FB7
  • Certified to international blast standards including ISO 16933, ACSE, GSA, UFC 3-340-02, DMG-02, CPNI

Dual-Certified Solutions Premier doesn’t stop at blast resistance. Our dual-certified LPS1175 security and fire-rated systems, tested by the BRE, offer comprehensive protection. These systems have undergone rigorous trials for ballistic and blast resistance, making them ideal for high-risk facilities across various industries.

Don’t compromise on security – choose Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd for unmatched protection with our advanced Blast Doors and elegant Glazed Blast doors.

For more information on how Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd Blast Doors can safeguard your assets and infrastructure, contact us at 0208 559 8295 or visit our website at Premier Security, Ballistic & Blast Ltd. Don’t compromise on security – choose Premier for unmatched protection.